What a week!

Project #1: The top secret project

Finished the outline!  At last!  (Now you won’t have to put up with my whinging on Twitter over it.)

Upon finishing the outline I sent it off to Fed Ex Office to be printed, bound and all that jazz.  It’s got a spiffy cover and is all colorful inside now.  (On the first 14 pages, anyway.)

I’ve started going through it and cutting scenes that mean nothing.  They’re needless fluff.  Why they were there in the first place is beyond me.  I’ve got 6 different colors of highlighter and I’m putting them to good use in the outline.  Thankfully I had the foresight to put together a key for which color is what sort of thing because I forget quite easily.

Project #2: The adventure novel

World-building.  This is my mot favorite part of writing a book.  At this point, just about anything goes.  I can follow my freewheeling thoughts along each path they take and find some way of making the randomness into a cohesive whole.

I love discovering the world my story will take place in.  I try to leave some bits fluid and changeable so that I can adapt as the story takes me to places I never imagined.  But this is definitely the scaffolding I build everything on.

Project #3: The short story

I love this short story.  It’s a lot longer than I set out to make it, but I’ll take it in exchange for my muse taking up permanent residence in my apartment for the remainder of my time here.  And it’s clamoring to become a novel.  But I’m putting that aside for now.  If in a few months the characters and their story are still with me, I’ll consider it.

How are your WiPs going?