Not much progress to report for the week.  I’m in a little bit of a lull and it’s actually rather nice.  I may have to take a bit of a break from writing period as school starts up in earnest next week.  I’m looking forward to school, though I know it will be an insane amount of work.  I have orientation this weekend so I’m taking Friday off from blogging.

On to the updates!

Lodestar is resting nicely in my hard drive.  I think the time away from the manuscript will be good for both me and the story.  I’m looking forward to the day that I revise some more, but for now I know my focus needs to be elsewhere.

I added a little, very ambiguous, blurb to the “Writing” page here on the blog.  With some expansion it could totally turn into the query for this book.

Jason McDaniels… is still in world-building mode.  I’m starting to doubt whether this is the sort of book I should write.  It’s drastically different from anything else I’ve written.  (Much of which is drastically different project to project.)

But I think it’s too much of a departure.  There’s nowhere it would fit in.  The stuff that I’ve written that actually stands a chance of ever seeing the light of a bookstore shelf (read: Lodestar) is fantasy.  Jason’s book is about as not-fantasy as you can get, short of memoir or biography.

Clockworks and Cogs is still sitting there.  It’s being very patient, but definitely still wants to become a full-fledged novel.  And I will probably indulge it one day soon.  It’s less of a departure from Lodestar and would be more compatible in the grander scheme of what I hope is to come.

How are your WiPs going?