*dusts off a few cobwebs*


What a crazy, insane span of time it’s been.

But, I did manage to get some work done on writing things!  Woot!

I’ve shifted my focus from my adventure novel to Clockworks and Cogs.  I’m much more comfortable in fantasy than I am in adventure.  This novel is steampunk-ish and I’m excited for it.

Over the last couple of weeks I worked on world-building.  I banged out a short history for this world I’ve created and even drew a map.  There are lots of mountains in this place.  Which could prove rather interesting for future plottings.  We shall see.  I’ve done very brief character sketches for some of the principal players as well.

Until last night this book wouldn’t outline.  I had no idea where to begin, what direction to take the short story to make it a believable novel, etc.  And then, magically, it all fell into place.  I don’t know what happened but I like it when the muse comes in full force.  I outlined the entire book.  But it’s a very fluid outline, as they always are for me.  I can mold it and manipulate it until it becomes what I need it to be.  But it’s what I need it to be for now.

I’m thinking that I might get to start writing it today.  Squee!

Plus, I have a writing buddy now with whom I’ll be exchanging chapters.  So extra motivation to get started and keep going, despite the craziness that is my life.  (Hi, Sari!)

How are your WiPs going?