I seem to have lost my motivation to write Clockworks and Cogs.  I loved this story when it was a short story.  Adored it.  Those two days I spent in a flurry of words (almost 8200) were sheer enjoyment just for the pleasure of telling a story.

Now that I’m adapting that short story into a novel, I’ve fallen out of love with it.  I have no motivation or desire to open the document each day.  When I do open it, the file sits there, taunting me.  It’s there when I finally close down solitaire with the intention of returning to it.

It sits there when I get back from folding that next load of laundry.  It’s there, but the motivation muse has gone on permanent vacation it seems.

It doesn’t help that I’m tired all the time from school and the crazy hours I keep these days.  But I’m desperately seeking a temp muse to replace the vacationing one.  The ideas are there, sort of, but the motivation isn’t.

Has this ever happened to you?  How do you find the motivation when your muse has gone on permanent vacation to Mount Everest’s summit?