So, yeah.  I’ve been a terrible, horrible blogger.

But school just sucks so much of my time.  And by the time I get to any of the blogging stuff in the day, there are so many blogs I just feel so overwhelmed.  I’m going to try to be better.  But I can’t make any guarantees.

This is why I’m not querying any project, even if I had one ready, until next August.  Because then I’ll be done with school.

As for writing, well, I figured out the big, gaping hole in my work that will make it nearly impossible to continue Clockworks and Cogs as a novel.  There is too little time elapsing and consequently too little occurring to carry a novel-length narrative.

Have you encountered this?  How did you solve it?  I really like the short time frame.  Less to keep track of.  But it’s very limiting.