Look at that!  I’m actually posting on a Tuesday.  Albeit a little late.

Laura Maylene asked: “What would you say has been the biggest benefit of blogging?  What have you taken away from it in these two years?”

I’d have to say the number one benefit is the friendship and community.  There are times over these last two years that, especially as the blog grew and I posted more regularly, my friendships I made through this world carried me.  The sense of community is phenomenal and there’s a place for everyone in this blogging world, if they choose to seek it.

The other main benefit would definitely be the improvement to my own craft.  As I’ve looked to fulfill what I set out to do in this blog, exploring my voice, conversing with others like me, and chronicling my journey in this crazy publishing world, I’ve found myself increasingly focused on craft.  Sure at times I let loose, such as with every Friday, and I don’t always post serious conversations on the weighty issues, but I’ve learned and grown by blogging and by reading others’s blogs.  My takeaway is that I’m not alone, no matter how solitary this industry might seem at times, and that an old dog can learn new tricks. And new paths are always being forged and revealed to us as we go.

Natalie Aguirre asked, “How do you juggle working, school writing (and being so productive) and blogging?  Do you have any time management skills I might not have thought of?”

Um…time management?  Is that when I blog instead of putting on my makeup and drying my hair preparatory to the insanity that is the rest of my day?

The honest answer is that I don’t always juggle things so successfully.  And the ball that often gets dropped is blogging.  I have three blogs.  This one gets the most love and attention because it’s the easiest, it seems at times, and the one with the most instant gratification.  My photography blog has been woefully neglected, mainly because I’ve run out of printed photos to scan and I don’t know where to go locally to get negatives digitized and black and white film processed.  My food blog is my most recent addition.  As the quiet and peaceful newborn, never demanding attention by wailing or throwing a tantrum, it often gets neglected.

Work has been a little on the slow side of late so I will admit to having a bit more time to manage more carefully.

But that time, especially here as the term winds down (two days left in this class then one more 9-day class before Thanksgiving break!), goes to school when it’s not given to church.

I’ve made a conscious effort to make church and the Lord my priority.  School comes next.  Then work, when it’s there, and my writing.  Blogging, regrettably, is at the bottom of the pole.  I get to it when I can get to it.  And if that means no blogs get read or commented on until the weekend, that’s what happens.

Thanks, ladies, for such wonderful and thought-provoking questions!

There’s still time to ask me a question!  Put it in the comments and I’ll answer during Friday’s Footloose and Fancy-free post!