Happy Friday all!

What news I have to share today!  Friends, I’m very excited by this.

Just about a month ago, I interviewed for an internship with a local magazine.  The interview went really well.  I felt really excited about the prospect.

A couple weeks later they invited me back for the second stage of the interview process.  Which I felt went equally as well as the initial interview.  Then Thanksgiving came and went.  The first week of December came and went.

Tuesday, one of the magazine’s editors, the one I’d been interviewing with because she’s over the food department of the magazine, called me up.  We’ve been talking and e-mailing the last couple of days and this morning it was made official.

I’ve received an internship with a local magazine.  It starts at the end of January.  I’m so excited for this opportunity in my life.  So, if I disappear between February and June, know it’s because I’m working my tail off to make sure I do the best job I know how.

Have a good weekend everyone!