Wow.  Another year gone.  This one’s definitely had its ups and downs.  2011 will be much the same.

In January of this year (2010), I posted a list of my writerly goals for the year.  The post can be found here.

Of those, I only hit 2 of them.  Big ones, mind you, but only 2.  (Finished Oracles Promise and Lodestar with minor revisions to the latter and shelving the former.)

This year, my goals are thus:

1- Revise Lodestar
2- Query Lodestar (At some point in the year.  I’m no fool so I’m not going to set a concrete deadline for that one.)
3- Write 1 or 2 books more.  After all, I want to be an author.  Someday I hope to have deadlines.  I need to for sure get my act together for speeding up my writing process.  I can’t write only 1 1/3 books in a year.
4- Finish 1 poetry collection, of whichever length, and try to get it published, too.

Happy New Year everyone!