*Note: The following does not apply to any one specific person/blog/Twitter account.  Just a general rant over accumulated experience.  If you don’t want to read, that’s your call.  I won’t be offended because I’ll likely never know whether you even came.

“Why did you stop following my blog/Twitter/Facebook/whatever piece of social networking?”

It’s not a question I’ve been asked, because, frankly, I’m not cool enough or popular enough to matter to any one person.

But I’m going to answer it anyways.

1- Uninteresting.  I’m not interested in reading months and months of posts to catch up on the fictional adventures of a character you cut from your WiP.  [Exaggerated a bit perhaps, but that’s also so no one can think to themselves, “Was that me?”]

2- Your blog/Twitter/whatever became high school all over again.  Cliques are so last century.  Really.  I’m on social networking sites to make friends and connections, not be told what a loser I am because you got your hands on an exclusive ARC or your crit buddy just got a deal and you’ve read the book and HOLY SMOKES you should be so jealous because I read it and you have to wait a year.  Neener neener.

Not. Cool.

3- You make me feel like I’m talking into the void or like I’m five years old.

4- I’ve seen you be impolite to people who could be influencers in your career or the career of those you know, simply because they came into the conversation a few tweets/posts/whatevers too late.

5- You got overly political which began to rub me like you’re trying to say, “It’s my way or the highway and this person is so so so wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself for listening to/believing/voting for them.”

Rant over.