It’s Friday! Woohoo!

My weekend is looking like a mixed bag.  I have a lot to do but not all of it is burdensome.

First up will be homework because I need to get it done so I can enjoy my weekend with a guilt-free conscience.  This will likely take up much of today.  That’s assuming I don’t protest and go to the movies.

Because, you know, I really want to go see a certain superhero movie that opens today.  And I have cash floating around in my wallet.  Just enough to cover the cost of the ticket.

Then I’ll be diving into the first part of my next round of revisions: reading the critiques from betas.  Then I have to let that all simmer in my head while I read for pleasure and finish up a crit for someone else.

There’s an ice cream social to go to.  Church to be attended.  A lesson to prepare.  And more reading to do.

Oh, and trying to mentally prep myself for the start of my internship.  My editor asked me if I could start early so I start on Monday.

I bought a professional-looking tote bag that has a laptop sleeve and plenty of room for anything I might need to take with me to and from the office.  It’s cute.  It’s black.  It’s totally me in so many ways.

How’s all y’all’s weekends looking?  Hope they’re fabulous!