We’ve all heard it before.  It’s possible I’ve even blogged about it before.

But I’m going to address it again today.

Write what you know.  What exactly does that mean?  It can’t be literal, can it?

I sure as heck hope not.  Because if I could only write what I know, I’d have a bunch of single female characters who like to read and write, dabble in golf and photography, and once rode horses.

My characters would all sit around in their apartments wondering if they’re ever going to meet someone, hoping that when they do the relationship comes without drama.

My characters would all be nerdy and self-conscious, aware of all their flaws, and all have lost a parent.

This would get really boring, wouldn’t it?

Which is why tomorrow and Thursday, I’ll tell you how I write what I know, how I interpret this little “rule” that circulates through the writing community.