I know I said on Twitter that I was suspending blogging/social networking activities until further notice.  But I can’t stay away.  It’s nigh impossible.  I might still be spotty in my commenting and such, but I have to blog.  I have to share.

That being said, I’m currently re-evaluating the direction of this blog.  I feel like I’m getting bored with it as it’s currently set up.  And I worry that you, my friends and readers, are getting bored with it.  So, bear with me on this coming ride as I explore the possibilities.

Now for the real content of today’s post.  WiP Wednesday.

I’ve launched headlong into my third round of revisions on Lodestar.  I’ve cut nearly 8K words from the manuscript.  The book starts in an entirely different place from where it did originally.  Okay, maybe not entirely.  But it does start a lot sooner time-wise to the status quo upsetting event.  I’ve left a lot of stuff in Act 0 and started Act 1 more immediately.

I have many ideas floating around in my head for what I could add to the book to make it stronger, to seed events from the latter end of the book, and to complicated characters.  It’s just a matter of figuring out the best places in the manuscript to put these ideas.

I’m excited to get these revisions done and polish up the manuscript once everything’s taken care of.  Then it’ll be time for another beta read so I can get an idea for whether this new incarnation works better than the last.

Oh, and then I do need to get the guts to ask my professor about some Air Force details because he worked in the USAF for years and would be a good resource.  But I don’t want to sound weird or anything when I just randomly ask him about it after or before class.

How are your WiPs going?