Have I really been running this feature for a year?  When I typed the title into my box, Blogger wanted to auto-fill 3/5 as the date.  I guess it’s possible as I’ve had this blog for over 2 years now.  (Official birthday was back in October, but I didn’t start posting regularly until the following June, making a secondary 2-year birthday coming up in a couple of months.)

I compiled my list of agents to query, complete with a spreadsheet to track how and when to query each.  I’ve still got to fine-tune my query and write a single-page synopsis, two-page synopsis, and maybe a three-pager.  None of the agents on my list require synopses longer than that.  Whew. *wipes brow*

That will be the task for the weekend.

I’m working on a post about pitching/querying.  Hopefully Tuesday.  Also, I promise to be more regular in my blogging and social networking activities from now on.  Though you may not hear from me until the evening on days that I’m at the office for my internship.

Happy weekend, everyone.