I always do this to myself: a tragedy happens and I glue myself to the television.  It’s not healthy, but it’s what happens.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this earthquake and tsunami.

It’s the weekend, finally.  I needed it to be the weekend so much.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to work some on When the Star Fell.  You know, when I’m not busy living my life and working on other projects that demand attention.

I face a dilemma, now, too.  I feel like I need to separate my networking professional persona from my personal Facebook.  The plan would be to create a page for myself where I can network and such, and leave my main profile for very close friends and family.  Meaning most likely you would only remain a friend on Facebook if a) we’re related, b) we’ve met in real life,  or c) I have a very good personal reason for keeping you as a friend on my profile.  But how to tell everyone?  I mean, it could come off as awfully rude if I’m not careful.  But I also don’t want to cull my profile’s friend’s list without any explanation.

Have a good weekend everyone!