So, no querying for me any time soon.

I was re-reading the book to look for the things I want to cut.  There are some things that are bothering me with the book.  I’ve hinted at them before.

Now I’m seeing problems everywhere.  When did my story adopt so many inconsistencies and problems?  I did not give it permission to start fostering troublemaker children.  Not cool.

So, I’m abandoning any notion of querying When the Star Fell, at least in the next couple of months.  Maybe come September.  2 years after starting that initial world-building.  Seriously?  2 years.  I started it the fall immediately after I graduated with my master’s.

The last 2 years have taken me so many different directions and yet I’m now coming full-circle back to where I was that summer when I was working on Oracles Promise and had so many hopes for the year to follow that graduation.  Those hopes have long-since died in so many ways.

But the dream and hope of seeing my book on a shelf is still alive, even if it’s being deferred yet again.

How are your WiPs going?