Well, uh.

Yeah.  I have some sort of Writer’s ADD.

Experimental romance short?  Not liking it any more.  So I’ve stopped working on it.

…Futile updates

This is a poetry collection of mine.  I’ve got four going at the moment.  This one is my sort of pet project.  I really want to get this one completed.  I’m aiming for it to be a book-lenght collection.  (Meaning it’s minimum 50 pages.  That’s at least the average I seem to see when looking at contest deadlines.)  I’d love to see this one published.

And suddenly, I’m considering self-publishing for it.  I know, I’m talking crazy now.  I’m not making any decisions.  The collection is nowhere near complete.  I did add a poem to it over the weekend, but then I deleted one from it.  I moved one poem from section 1 to section 3.  I tweaked wording on almost every poem in the collection and even gave two of them new titles.

Musings updates

This poetry collection (aiming for chapbook length, so 16-24 pages) is at a standstill.  It’s a collection of tankas (think a haiku with two additional seven-syllable lines at the end) and haiku.  It’s entertaining sometimes to try my hand again at the short form, bending the rules of each form while still talking mostly about nature.

Milepost updates

This collection is probably going to go by the wayside.  So far, all the poems are crossovers with …Futile and so I’m not terribly in love with it.

Migrations updates

This is by far the least developed collection.  It has 5 sections, one for each place I’ve spent a significant amount of time.  But it only has I think 3 poems.  Very very rough.  And it might not ever get off the ground.

Truth or Dare (tentative title for a romance novel I’m adapting from a short story I wrote) updates

Started it.  I’m just over 1100 words in at this point.  It’s entertaining, trying to bring out both voices and make internal and external arcs for the characters.  When I wrote the short story, there wasn’t much room for more than the events that brought the FMC and MMC together, drove them apart, and reunited them. I’ll be interested to see how this experiment goes.

But my track record shows that I don’t do so well with experiments or adapting a short story into a novel.

So, yeah, can you say I’m avoiding the real issue at hand?

When the Star Fell updates:
Considering a start-over rewrite.  Basically, characters and main events would remain the same, but all new words.  I’m not really sure of this and I hesitate to do anything drastic with so little feedback on the work as it currently stands.  But I’m feeling rather like a hack at the moment.