Um, I’m really enjoying this romance novel that I’m writing.  I’ve just finished the first chapter.

Wait, what did I say?  I’m writing a romance novel?  Seriously?

Before y’all jump down my throat, I’m mostly being facetious here.  I’ve never read much straight-up romance.  There’s always romance in the novels I read and write.  But it’s rarely the sole focus of the story.

At the moment, I’m totally winging my plot.  I’m hoping that something will crop up that is an external conflict (other than the soon-to-come physical separation of MMC and FMC).  And maybe an internal conflict for the MMC.  I know what her internal conflict is going to be.  Sort of.  Maybe.

But I’m totally enjoying getting inside the MMC’s head.  See, I wrote this story as a short a couple years ago.  But it was only from the FMC’s side.  I’m noticing a lot of head-hopping as I go through that short story to find what can be copied over and what needs to remain firmly in the old and not the new.

There are some flashbacks, so it’s sort of a dual timeline story but not.  The MMC and FMC knew each other when they were little, but then grew up apart.  (Reunion story of sorts.  Cliche?)