It’s Friday.  And it feels like it should be a Friday much later in the month for some reason.  Let’s just say it’s been a long week and not all of it pleasant.

I haven’t done much by way of writing at all this week.  Mostly I’m still feeling very uninspired in a lot of ways when it comes to all the projects floating around inside my brain.  Combining poetry collections, books to revise, WiPs, books in development and planned sequels should I be so lucky, I have 19 projects in queue.

Very overwhelming most times.

Today is something to do with public gardens and celebrating their existence.  There’s a coupon at Better Homes and Gardens that will get you into a local garden free.  (Many to choose from country-wide.)  I’m considering it.

But then there’s also a new movie out today that I really want to see.  We’re talking major want.  I’ve been looking forward to this one for who knows how long.  So there’s my dilemma for the day.

Have a good weekend everyone.