I’ve posted about soundtracks before.  I’ve even posted a soundtrack for Lodestar.  (Or When the Star Fell. We’re still in title flux over here.)

Looking back over that soundtrack, and thinking about the soundtrack as it stands now, I’ve realized something.  These soundtracks aren’t so much what you’d hear if the books were turned into movies.  These are tracks that when I hear them I think of one of my books or of a character.

So here’s the updated soundtrack for my contemporary fantasy, Lodestar.

“In Her Eyes” by Josh Groban (pretty much how the MC thinks of his predicament and of how one character views him)
“Untouchable” by Taylor Swift (whenever I hear this song, there’s one scene in my book that comes to life in my head as I sing the song, so vividly I sometimes want to cry)
“This Time” from the August Rush soundtrack (the first lines evoke one of the scenes at the end of the novel for me, the chorus evokes some of the internal conflict for the MC)
“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban (basically how the MC feels about being thrust into this world he had no idea existed) *slight pause in soundtrack building to get lost in Josh Groban’s voice*
“So Close” from the Enchanted soundtrack (pretty much every interaction between the MC and his primary love interest as there’s a physical reason they can’t touch, not even to hold hands)
“To Where You Are” by Josh Groban (evokes really the way the MC feels about the primary love interest, and a little bit of the emotion toward the end of the book) *pausing again for that gorgeous voice*
“Open Your Eyes (to Love)” from the Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack (there’s a scene between the primary love interest and another character that is basically this and I think about this scene when hearing this song)