Hello, my lovelies!  This has been a very interesting week.  Last Friday evening, my muse took a 2×4 on steroids to my head and whacked me so hard with an idea that I haven’t been able to do anything writing-related but work on this idea.

It’s shiny and pretty and new.  And I adore it.  This story might be a challenge to pull off but so far it’s looking less and less so.

Oh, the genre, you ask?  Epic fantasy.  Yes, epic.  Sigh.  What can I say, I’ll always find my way back to my literary roots.

So that’s been the focus of my week.  How are your WiPs going?

And now on to the more important item of the day!  Today marks my unofficial 2-year blog anniversary.  While this blog began in October of 2008, it wasn’t until June of 2009 that I began to blog with seriousness and regularity.  In those first weeks of blogging I spoke only to the internet at large.

Then one day I logged on and discovered I had a follower.  Then more followers came.  And followers became friends while the blog grew and blossomed.

2 years later, here we are.  And now it’s time to announce the contest winners.

*drum roll*

Congratulations to Nisa and Kayeleen!  Go ahead and e-mail that MS whenever you’re ready for that feedback.  This is open-ended so no deadline or anything.  novicewriteranonymous(at)gmail(dot)com

Nisa’s mashup was “Lord of the Terrier” and Kayeleen’s qualifying entry (though she sent in several mashups after) was “A Tree Grows Across the Universe.”

Congratulations again ladies!