Hello again!  I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week of productivity when it comes to writing.  I know I have.


I’ve begun doing just minor edits, all very surface level.  I think I’m avoiding dealing with the major issues for some reason.  I know I can fix these issues but at the moment they’re looking to be more work than writing the book in the first place.

Untitled fantasy WiP:

I finished world-building.  Finally.  My pantser brain was throwing temper tantrums at me every five minutes when I sat down to writ out my plot synopsis.  I wrote the plot for the entire series, starting in Act 0 (as my Shakespeare professor liked to refer to the stuff before the play actually started) and through to the end.  Twenty-one pages later I had the series start to finish.  There’ll be times as I go that I’ll stray from that plot synopsis, but at least it’s there and it feels cohesive.  It feels like I’ve taken care of the major plot holes.

Except that plot holes have a funny way of breeding like rabbits when your manuscript is in rest mode.  Sigh.

I looked through the synopsis and marked where the most natural breaks occurred.  Turns out I’ve got a trilogy on my hands.  Which is great because when the idea first hit me, the muse was telling me it would be seven.  I’m so glad it was only three.  Then I simplified my synopsis into an outline for each book.

I started writing book one.  Not terribly far along.  But I am also refusing to set a word count goal for this book.  I’m just going to write until the outline tells me I’ve hit the end of book one.  Which my planner brain is railing against but whatever.  I can only please one side, pantser or plotter, at a time and this is not planner’s time.

How are your WiPs going?