Let’s see.  Where should I begin.

Lodestar is still sitting pretty waiting to be revised.  I have excellent (at least I think they are) ideas for where to go from here.  I’m eager to jump back into the revising ring.

My YA high fantasy is trucking along.  I’m in chapter 4 and and it’s going remarkably smooth.  The plot is still throwing some surprises my way, which is entertaining.  (Mostly it’s character stuff that’s cropping up but those character things are having some impact on events of the plot and how things unfold.)

Over the weekend I had a couple of scenes from a brand new story pestering me so I started writing it.  This one’s just a short story.  I’ll probably cap it somewhere in the 8K-10K mark.  Currently it is titled Blood Blessed though that might change after I finish the story.  (I just needed a placeholder since I already have a story on my hard drive named “New story.”)

How are your WiPs going?