Hey all!  Today I’m hosting my friend Michelle and the “Stories for Sendai” anthology she co-edited as it’s taken around the blog-world on tour to spread the word.

Back in March when the earthquake hit Japan, I have to admit that while my first thoughts did go out to the people in Japan, most of the morning my focus was on the tsunami racing across the Pacific toward Southern California.  I have a poor sense of geography and worried about my family down there.  (They were never in any danger.)

The stories that poured out of Japan (and continue to come) are heartbreaking enough without adding in worry about family or friends.  I know I was barely affected by this aspect while so many were on edge for days, and perhaps still are, with worry over family or friends.

Anthology information:

One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded hit the city of Sendai in the Tohoku region of Japan on Friday, March 11.  The magnitude 9.0 quake unleashed a deadly tsunami that slammed into Japan’s east coast, leaving a swathe of devastation in its wake.  Thousands of people lost their lives, and many are still missing or injured.  Thousands more have been left homeless and destitute.

As a testament to the generosity of the world’s citizens, emergency appeals have been swiftly set up in the aftermath of the quake, but I’m sure many of you, as we did, had the same thought: our donations seem so puny.  There must be some other way we could make a difference!

With that in mind, Stories for Sendai was born!

The Stories for Sendai Anthology is a collection of 19 short stories and one poem.  Some are inspired by the events of the earthquake in Sendai; others are simply stories of hope and inspiration.  All are uplifting and worth reading.  Please consider buying a copy of the anthology and spreading the word about this wonderful, uplifting little book.  All proceeds go to relief efforts to aid Japan.

Stories for Sendai is available in paperback or Kindle format.

Kindle [link tk]

You can find a list of the contributing authors and their stories here.

You can visit the Stories for Sendai blog here.

And…don’t forget we’re having a PRIZE DRAW!  Buy the book, email us a copy of your receipt at stories for sendai (at) ymail (dot) com, and be entered for a draw for cool prizes!  Here’s what’s on offer:

1 x $10 or £10 Amazon gift voucher
1 x First Chapter/Query/Synopsis Critique by Michelle Davidson Argyle!
2 x First Chapter/Query/Synopsis Critiques by J.C. Martin!
1 x e-book copies of Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject, donated by the author!
1 x e-book copy of Middlewitch Mayhem by Heather Parker, donated by the author!