And many dollars short.  Hee hee.

Sorry for not getting a WiP update to you guys yesterday.  I’ve fallen into a funk.  There’s a lot going on in my personal life right now that is really dragging down everything else.

I’m plugging away at chapter 5 in the traditional fantasy WiP.  This chapter has turned into a beast of a thing.  It won’t end right now.  It just keeps going.  I’m either too much a slave to the rough outline I wrote out for myself or I’m throwing in too much unnecessary stuff.  Or both.

Revisions on the contemporary fantasy will commence when I’ve finished beta reading for two friends.  Which I’m hoping to get done by the end of the weekend.  (I’m sorry, guys.  I’m a total fail at beta reading right now. 😦 )

Fortunately for me, the muse seems to be really focused on the current project.  I haven’t had an SNI hit me yet in this project.  *knocks wood*

How are your WiPs going?