Lodestar (Adult fantasy WiP):

Revisions have begun in earnest.  I’m hoping to get this polished and querying within the next couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed.

This round is going pretty smoothly so far.  But inconsistencies breed like dust bunnies.  Going through the manuscript and highlighting (in a different color for each) the spots where my inconsistencies are showing up and/or where I need to address that element of the story has been very illuminating.  (Pun not intended.)

I started off with one color.  There was an inconsistency in whether these characters have a way of communicating over any sort of distance.  Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t.

That grew into 13 different colors for various issues.  Some issues with the science behind the fantasy (using science in a very loose meaning), some random issues that only crop up in one or two spots, and then my crutch mannerisms.  (Eye/eyes/eyed/eyelid, variations on smile/smiled, shrugging, and shaking of heads.)

Yeah.  It’s gonna take some time going through this and getting nitpicky.  Oh well.

YA fantasy WiP:

I’m still stuck in chapter 5.  This chapter will not end, I tell you.  Soon.  But not soon enough.  This will be my biggest nightmare chapter when it comes time to revise.

The writing itself is going a little slow.  I feel like there’s something off with the book and so I think that’s stalling me a little.  I keep getting the urge to write a new chapter 1.  But the new chapter I’m seeing in my head will drastically effect the rest of what’s already written and that’s putting me off making the change.  I mean, I’ve written no few words on this book already and the thought of having to start over now makes me freeze.

I know, easier to restart now than after I’ve written 80K words.

Oh, and also?  I decided on a title.  It’s a working title for now, but it works.  *drumroll*

Mirror, Mirror

We’ll see how long it stays but I needed the file to be named something more than “Draft 1” for locating purposes.

How are your WiPs going?