I can’t remember exactly where I left off at the end of the previous week.  I do know that I fell into this trap where every time I sat down to write, I ended up spending my writing time working out some niggling little detail of world-building that I didn’t think about when I did that initial push in that department.

This was both good and bad.  Good in the sense that going forward I have a clearer idea of some things, but bad in that it means some revision in what’s already been written.  But then good because that’ll actually beef up my word count some and really (I hope) make my world seem more vivid.

I’m pretty sure I wrote a couple of chapters last week.  How’s that for being accountable?  I need to keep better track of my work each week if I’m going to continue doing these update posts.  And I will track it more diligently.  After typing this I’ve gone and written out a sticky note for myself marking where I’m starting the next week at.

I figure I need to fill this spiral notebook and one other to have an appropriate word count; but then I remind myself that the point of writing longhand is so that I’m focused on story and not word count.  I can always find places to add in words.  (I am generally pretty spare in my descriptions and I know readers would like to see more scenery so my characters aren’t just talking heads.)

How are your WiPs going?