Another week gone by.  Another week closer to my goal.  And, yes, friends, I’m much closer to my goal.

I wrote two and a half chapters or so last week.  My characters have finally caught a break and the distractions/diversions from their goal have vanished.  Writing those chapters (I’d left off in mid-chapter the week before) left me with two chapters and an epilogue to write.

Which means that perhaps even as you’re reading this I’m writing the last period on this manuscript.  (I always put the epilogue after “The End” so it doesn’t really work to use those two words as the final touch on the draft.)

I’m still debating which project to go with for NaNo.  (Also, I really must sign up on the official website for that one.)  I’ll keep you updated on that once I finish the draft of Mirror, Mirror.

How are your WiPs going?