Why I read it: I received a free copy in exchange for reviewing this book. It also intrigued me which is why of the five books I received free from the publisher this is the first one I chose to read.


First off, this book is engaging.  When I had to put the book down I thought it would be much later than it was, I was that engrossed.  That said, I had to put it down for some other things and it was about three days before I picked it up again.  While it’s engrossing, I wasn’t dying to get back to it.

Brusenna, the main character, is fifteen but seems much older than that at times.  Yes, there are times where she seems to be her age, too.  She’s equal parts “I can do this” and “I can’t do this, but I’m going to try anyway.”  Which is great for an MC.  I do wish she’d had a bigger part in some of the story rather than being just a bystander or being acted upon.

There was a lot of focus on Brusenna through the story, to be expected when she’s the MC, but I felt at times that was to the detriment of the secondary characters, and to a certain extent the antagonist.  Overall this was a very enjoyable read and I’ll probably pick up the next book from the author, as I’m assuming it’s a continuation of some of the threads left open at the end of this one.

Final Say: Thumbs up. If you enjoy fantasy I think you’ll enjoy this unique take on magic and sorcery.  It’s available now through the publishers and Amazon.  (And probably other places.)