I know I already talked about ditching Facebook.  Since then, I’ve done likewise to Google+.  The same day I did that I culled my blogroll to just the blogs I regularly read.  (And even then I’m sure I’m not faithful in my visiting of those blogs.)


It’s just too much.  Even Twitter I’ve gotten lax on.  Partly it’s because I’ve gotten a seasonal job which is taking a lot of my energy.  (Way more than it rightly should, if you ask me.  I’m just out of practice on this whole being employed thing.)

But a bigger part of it is that it’s just too much.  That’s why I’ve pared down the blog schedule to only two days a week.  Priorities are in need of constant reassessment.  This is part of that process.

Yes, authors need a platform.  But more and more I’m seeing agents and publishers talking about how it’s not something fiction authors need to focus on before they’re published.

Yes, it can help grab an agent’s attention.  It can be a good leg up when you do get a book published.  But it detracts from what’s really important in this process– WRITING.

I’ve learned a lot along the way in the two-plus years I’ve been blogging consistently.  But I’ve learned even more with each book I’ve written in those years.  But while writing has always been my goal and what I wanted to do, blogging took over.  The pressure put on authors on the road to agent, editor, and finally book-on-shelf to be out there on the social media is overwhelming.

And it just got to be too much.  So I decided to cut it back.