Well, let’s see.  I’ve totally lost all resolve for taking November off from anything writing-related.  I spent a couple of hours on Saturday figuring out some elements of the book that still needed filling in.  There were lots of places in the draft where I’d just put [Insert such-and-such here] and moved on.

That is what I spent my time Saturday worrying about.  And I finally figured out what I wanted there and am mostly satisfied with the results of such at this juncture.  Sure what was added might change in edits.  (I’m sure some betas will not like what I put in.)  But that’s what editing is for.  I just needed to get it in there so I could actually have words to edit.  After all, you can’t edit what isn’t on the page.

I really love this book and these characters.  Almost as much as I love the characters from the first book I ever set out to write.  (Which I’m still determined to save someday.)

How are your WiPs going?