Wow, is it Tuesday again already? Where does time go?

So, this past week was not so great for me, writing-wise. Why? I always struggle to get back to everything that I like to do, all the routines, when something new comes along that impacts my scheduling.

What impacted my scheduling? My job. I started last week and while I didn’t work a full week I still struggled to get to my writing/revising projects.  I did manage to get a little bit in though on Saturday night, finally.

I’ve started revising Mirror, Mirror and it’s going okay so far.  As I wrote the first draft there were definitely things that came up that I knew would need to be addressed in revisions.  At one point I entirely redesigned the geography of a city my MC starts out in and returns to several times throughout the book and the trilogy. But only after I’d written the opening scene where she sneaks a prisoner of the crown out of the city.

I made note on the inside of the cover of each notebook when there was something that came up to be addressed in revisions. These included noting where I needed to revamp to match the new city layout, ideas that came up that need to be foreshadowed throughout what came before that moment, etcetera.

I’m dealing with those right now on this first pass through the manuscript. Hopefully that will also help me beef up the word count since this one ended quite short of the mark of where it should be. I’m aiming to bump the count up to somewhere in the 70-75K range. We’ll see if people want it longer.

With what I started on Saturday night, and I didn’t get too far, I added 564 words to the story. It now is just shy (by about 160 words, give or take) of 56K. So I have a ways to go. But I’m okay with that. When this pass is done I’ll be going through and making a revision outline and then looking for beta readers.

How are your WiPs going?