Wow, the holidays really aren’t productive, are they?  At least not for me.  I think I added 600 words to the book last week.

I’ve been really struggling with this revision and I’m not sure why.  I think part of the problem is that I feel a little overwhelmed.  The book fell quite short of the mark in the word count department.  It’s YA traditional fantasy and draft 1 capped out at about 56K.  So there are a lot of words to add in.  But as I go through the book I’m noticing that I was very spare in my descriptions as I wrote that first draft.  So there are a lot of places where I can add and beef up that word count.

The other major problem is that I don’t like my title and I am finding it impossible to come up with an acceptable title.  Mirror, Mirror is a good working title, I suppose, but the sooner I change it to a title that I adore and that works fabulously with the book the better.

How are your WiPs going?