Whew. Where did January go?

As for updates and such.  Well, after a good brainstorming session with a close writer friend, I had some ideas for a new opening to the current revision WiP.  After that, I took to my revision outline and got it all ready to go for the next round of revisions.  As of Saturday night I hadn’t started on those revisions but I at least had a game plan.

I procrastinated revisions in favor of finishing the maps for a new fantasy world I’m creating.  One for which I have the nugget of a story idea.  I got the maps done and printed and put into a shiny new project binder.  The rest of the world-building will have to be done after I’ve finished the revisions to Woven.

In the meantime, the muse is running double time and I now have ideas stewing for a sequel trilogy to Woven, a second trilogy set in the same fantasy world as Woven, and 6 or 7 novellas that are prequels to the trilogy of which Woven is the first volume.

Like I said, overdrive.

How are your WiPs going?