Wow. Sorry friends. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what direction I want to take this blog.  I don’t want to not blog, but I’m not sure continuing to blog exclusively about writing is the best course of action.

Well, in the last almost month since I last posted I’ve gotten a lot and not a lot done.

Woven is still in let-it-sit mode waiting for me to start a start-to-finish read-through while leaving notes in the margins for me to actually address in revisions.

The untitled WiP that’s set in the same universe as Woven is nearly three chapters long now.  I’m enjoying this story.  It’s a change for me.  This one is written in first-person POV.  We’ll see how successful it is when I get through revisions and this gets read by betas.  If it gets to that point.

I am questioning the logic in starting a book that is concurrent to the last book in a trilogy which hasn’t sold yet (and is nowhere near that point), but they do stand on their own.

I’ve also plotted four novellas and plan on doing so for two more.  These novellas follow some secondary characters from Woven and occur after the close of that trilogy.  So while I’m plotting them out, I probably won’t write them for a very long time, if I ever get to at all.

How are your WiPs going?