*Steps to the podium* Is this on?

Ahem. Hello, my name is Stephanie and I have a crush on a fictional character. Or, rather, characters.

Ah, Mr. Darcy how I adore thee.  I was 11 when first we met.  I always saw past your proud facade to the man within, to what you had to offer.  You respected Lizzie, admired her fire and spirit.  I think you even looked for ways to provoke it.  You captured a million more hearts in the process.  Your confession letter to Lizzie trapped another when I read it to a friend of mine.  We had a sleepover that night for her to watch the entire BBC mini-series which we watched at many a sleepover.  I’m sorry for all the hair bands we fired your way in the first half of the mini-series.

Mr. Rochester, you were a late discovery.  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t learn your full story until I was in college.  But once I read it, I was yours.  Yes, you lied to Jane, but you redeemed yourself and gave Jane the strength to both leave you and return to you.  Despite your manipulations, you were vulnerable.  Little Jane held your heart in her hands and never used or abused the power you gave her.

George Cooper, the thief who stole a piece of my heart. Alanna abused you and took years to find her way to you.  But you stood by her side, helping her when and where you could and stepping away when she needed to grow.  You never lost faith in her and through you I saw that not all people who do bad things are bad at heart, that people can change and love each other through and despite those changes, and that true love doesn’t have an expiration date.

Other fictional character crushes:

Duke Crocker
Nathan Wournos
The Ninth Doctor (sorry all you fans of 10. At the time of writing this part of the post I haven’t yet watched any of 10’s episodes and am still mourning the loss of 9.) (If you don’t know why that would be see last Thursday’s post.)
Han Solo
Lord Deveraux
Mr. Knightley

*Steps away from the podium*

Who are your fictional character crushes? (Also, bonus points in my book of coolness if you know who some of these are. Some are obvious, others are not so obvious.  Hint: The obvious ones are Darcy, Rochester, Han Solo, Knightley, and Data.  Oh, and the Doctor.)