Not sure when I last updated and such. Hence the ambiguous date range in the post title.

I’ve been working and working on Woven and I think it’s finally ready for betas. I’ve done what I can for the voice and POV edits because I think I’m just too close to the book at this point. I’ve now gone through 5 drafts of the manuscript. Sigh. Once it’s back from betas I’ll let it sit some more and then revise further. I’d love to be querying this by mid-summer.

As for other projects, there has been a lot of seesawing in my brain as to which project to work on next. I originally thought I’d go back to my Storymaker Chronicles books that I’d begun writing a month or so ago. This series of two books is set in the same world as Woven and begins around the time of that book’s trilogy’s end.

Then I went to LDStorymaker’s and, well, yeah. I’ve bounced around from project to project ever since. I might be resurrecting Clockworks and Cogs now re-named Dragon’s Steam but at a future date. I say future because I realized something as I sat down to work on the world-building and such for that book.

I need to alternate between fantasy and not-fantasy if I want to keep my sanity. Even if it’s just a short story. But my pattern has been that way for years. I find that I am creatively drained after writing a fantasy novel because I’ve put so much energy into the world building.

However, if I alternate and write even just a contemporary fantasy, one set in our world rather than an entirely created world, it’s enough of a break from the mental gymnastics of world-building that I can write. But to try to create another world entirely so shortly after I created the last one is a no-go for me. I can’t do it.

So I’m switching gears and resurrecting the action-adventure novel I’d shelved earlier this year. Already it’s going great as I launch into the research and history-writing that is required of the story I want to tell. Soon I’ll be plotting it and hopefully by the beginning of June I’ll be writing the book itself.

How are your WiPs going?

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