Not the most imaginative title I’ve ever come up with, I grant you. But it’s on my mind and it’s such a boring topic that really there’s no better fit.

I’m currently in the throes of researching for the next book I was planning to write. And it’s killing me. I mean, a slow, painful death at the hands of the driest words to ever have been crafted (save for perhaps Heart of Darkness, Wuthering Heights, or The Great Gatsby).

Every so often I pull this story idea out of the dust bin and attempt to do the research necessary for plotting the story. And when I do I’m immediately reminded of one of the many reasons the idea was shelved in the first place.

When I was working on Lodestar (thought I’d never mention that one again, didn’t you? Ha!), I never had this much trouble getting into the research. The research for that one was actually quite interesting. I mean, researching the Air Force, astronomy, and NASA. And really most of that research on NASA and the Air Force got cut in subsequent drafts because it was bogging the story down.

Now I’m researching and it’s draining me. And weighing on me. I’m nigh to shelving the project again, only this time burning all the materials so I can never go back to the idea.

I think what’s hardest for me in all this research is what I’m researching. The sequel and the sequel’s sequel won’t be much better. Why? Because I got this crazy idea in my head that instead of dealing with the cultural history of the West (Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome through to Britain and America), I’d deal with the cultural history of Scandinavia (book 1), Russia (book 2), and Japan (book 3). (Book 3 also at one point was supposed to deal with Ireland, but then I changed my mind.)

Someone take away my parenthesis privileges.

The problem with that? I have no base line of knowledge that I’m starting with so diving into any book I might pick up in the name of research means I’m lost from word one.

Not fun.

I think I’ll just go retreat into my fantasy worlds where I control the shape and landscape of everything. And I know all the history because I created it.