Oh, what a difference a week makes.

I finished my revision outline for Woven. Which means that as soon as I find betas and they’ve read and returned the manuscript I’ll be all set for revisions. These outlines are tedious to create but so helpful for my overly-analytical brain when working on revisions. I think I need to add a few thousand words to the manuscript still. I have a small idea for another sub-plot to weave into the story. Breaking down the story in the revision outline will totally help me weave that new sub-plot in seamlessly.

Speaking of betas, I’m still looking for two. This is the worst part of this process for me, begging for readers. So please put me out of my misery.  Pretty please. *puppy dog eyes* (If you beta for me I’ll gladly return the favor in the future.)

As for Jason McDaniels and the Hammer of the Gods (mouthful, I know), I’m still elbows-deep in research. And sadly the more I research, the less desire and motivation I have to plot and write the book. Yet it’s an idea (the idea for the book) which will not go away. I’ve set it aside several times in the years since it first came to me. And every time it inevitably knocks on the door of my imagination again.

How are your WiPs going?

Also, don’t forget to check last Friday’s post to see if you won a prize in my 500 posts giveaway. I’m still waiting to hear from two of the winners.