I have a feeling there will be a lot of angsty posts while I’m drafting this book. And I apologize for it in advance. But this blog is supposed to be a chronicle of my journey.

This latest road bump?

I’m doubting something hugely fundamental in the structure of this story.

I’m second-guessing myself on both point-of-view and tense.

I’ll give you time to pick your jaw up from the floor.

I’ve blogged about tense and point of view before.

With HotG (Hammer of the Gods, I changed the abbreviation slightly), I initially started it in third person past tense. One paragraph in I changed it to first person.

5K words in?

I’ve decided to change it all over to present tense.

Again, I’ll give you time for collecting whatever may have been flung in disbelief.

I really feel like there’s an immediacy in the present tense which is absent in past. An immediacy which this book may really need in order to be successful.

But then I find I’m doubting that. I am torn between continuing in present tense or reverting to the past tense. I will retain the first person narrative. In light of the doubts I’ve come to a decision.

For now I’m going to go ahead and forge on with writing it in present tense, if for no other reason than the challenge.

It’s good to challenge ourselves once in a while. If I can complete this book the way I’ve now set about writing it, I’ll have proved something to myself. I’ll have proved to myself I can write differently. I can write a male MC in first person present tense. I can write an action-adventure novel. I can write first person. I can write present tense.

If we don’t challenge ourselves we’ll never learn our bounds and figure out how to break them, right?

So here’s to experimentation!