By last Friday, I’d finished my on-paper line edits of Woven. I say on-paper because I actually had the book printed and coil-bound. Until this point, everything I had done with the book, every draft (save the rough because I wrote that by hand) was done on the computer. I need a format change after six rounds of edits on the computer. It helps me catch things and is more easily navigable than a word processing file if I need to flip back to the previous page for a moment.

After that it was time to input all those line edits into the computer. As I’m doing this, I’m also following a process for synopsis writing which I outlined a while back, probably about a year or so ago. So when I get done inputting the line edits for a chapter, I add that chapter to my synopsis.

How in the world do you make a synopsis only two pages long? Really? Two chapters took up an entire page. And I have 29 chapters!

As for Curse of Life that one’s chugging along. But I was still a ways from finishing as of last Friday. No way was I going to make my deadline of end of day Sunday. Not unless I took Sunday as a writing day instead of a relaxing day.

So, needless to say, I’ve missed two more self-imposed deadlines. I think, though, I set myself up for failure with the deadlines I set. I think it would take a superhuman or a time traveler to work at the pace I tried to set for myself. So I’m currently in the process of reevaluating my deadlines and pushing timelines back.

How are your WiPs going?