I’m a bad author. I don’t read books on the craft of writing. I don’t.

Bad author.


I hope. The thing is, I don’t learn that way. I’m too visual of a learner. Books on craft, ambiguous beta notes, etcetera. They’re all just words on a page.

I’d hazard a guess, I’m not able to consciously learn from reading other authors’ books either. A) I get too caught up in the story, if I manage to finish the book and B) Once again, they’re words on a page.

Where do I learn from? Analyzing movies and television. Sure the concepts may be a bit harder to put into practice in my writing, but they’re easier. Movies and television allow me to go back and analyze, to rehash and to think about it. Because I’m more visual, I’m better able with movies and television to look back over it in my head and conflate physical action with words and emotion.

I hope.

But, yes, I’m a bad author because I don’t have shelves full of books on the craft of writing and I don’t go on and on in raves about the latest and greatest “how to write” books.

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