This should have been a short post seeing as how I’m taking November and December off from writing.


You see, telling the universe you’re taking a hiatus from something like writing is just giving the universe a big reason to say, “I dare you to try.”

I’m going to confess to not entirely taking the two months off so far. I’m not doing anything with urgency, but I am continuing every so often to type up more of Curse of Life and also get everything set for the next book I want to write.

Also, there’s that pesky thing called a query that I’m trying to perfect for continuing rounds of querying on Woven.

In the meantime, the universe is enjoying toying with me. I have another snippet of dialogue for the book I want to start in January. It’s currently titled Soul Eater, but that’s just a filler until I actually start writing. My brain keeps trying to switch things around in the MC’s backstory for that book as well.

And where the universe Woven is set in is concerned, I’ve now got a timeline idea for how the world evolves about 1800 years into the future from all the books that take place in Woven‘s time and all its related books. Which is an interesting concept to have running in my head. It’s now just waiting for the right story to convince me to make it a reality.

But these two months are supposed to be about tackling my TBR pile and finally getting them read. Some of these have been on the TBR shelf for a year or more. Which is sad because I’ve now realized that if I don’t read the book within a reasonable time frame (a month perhaps, not sure) I struggle to get up the motivation to actually read it.

How are your WiPs going?

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