I don’t know why but lately I have come to be obsessed with Norse mythology. I had planned on writing one book that dealt with it. This book took place all over Scandinavia and I may revisit the book someday.

But I’ve also got Norse mythology factoring in heavily in the contemporary novel brewing. It’s a fun story that will be just for me and likely not for publication. (If it gets written.)

Some tidbits from my research:

Loki is actually Odin’s brother (according to some tellings) through a blood-oath. Thus he’s Thor’s uncle.

Thanks to Loki, Thor has Mjolnir, Odin has the horse that pulls his chariot, and the gods have a giant serpent who devours them and the world as part of Ragnarok (the destruction of the gods).

Sif, Thor’s wife, wears a wig of pure gold which Loki obtained for her after being the cause of her losing her hair in the first place.

I’m in love with the culture and the mythology. I’m not sure I want to ever not be, either. 😀

What are your favorite gods and myths?

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