I’m taking back my social media as of today. This blog will still talk about writing, but I reserve the right to blog about whatever I like. I was going to put a caveat on that, but I don’t think I will.

You see, I’m not published yet. I don’t have an agent. I don’t need a blog to be all about writerly stuff. I should be able to blog about the nerdy things that appeal to me. So you might start seeing nerdy theorizing or rambling on here from time to time. I’ll definitely start talking about books more. (I full intend to start reading on pre-writing levels again one of these days. Soon as I get over my aversion to library books.)

So, start expecting to see stuff from me that doesn’t directly (if at all) relate to writing. This blog is titled Chronicles of a Novice Writer. I set out for this blog to be about my writing journey. That includes all the non-writing stuff that inspires me, takes my time when I go on writing hiatus, and about the stuff that does inspire my writing. Because, as is the case with Heirs of the Seven Realms, that non-writing stuff can shape the current and future course of my writing.