Progress last week was pretty nil. I’ve been really stuck and I can tell that by all the ways I found to procrastinate jumping back into this rewrite. But Saturday it really, really hit me what the problem was. I was thinking about that piece of advice you always see floating around. You know the one. Work on something not related to the book you’re revising or querying or on submission with. It’s given for various reasons, but it’s advice that needs to be followed.

If I were asked the question, “What are you working on that isn’t related to Woven or reliant upon it getting published?” well–

My answer? I have a contemporary YA that I’ve plotted out, an NA title that is 1/3 written that I’m toying with picking up again, and that’s it. The majority of what I have spent my creative capital on in the last two or so years is all connected to this one book that I have on query right now. I think why I’m so blocked and uninterested in this rewrite is that I subconsciously (and now perhaps not so subconsciously) fear that I’m setting myself up for heartbreak by working on something that so heavily relies on something not in my control to ever get seen by readers.

So, I’m reevaluating and looking at some of these other projects I’ve had ideas for and abandoned over the last couple of years. Maybe something will spark and I can find a project to work on.

Meantime, I did get the contemporary YA plotted. I just would need character sheets and then I could start writing. So that’s probably, most likely, where I’m headed from here. But I do still have that NA action-adventure novel I abandoned a while back calling my name. I may revisit it in the near future. Because I still love the story and the idea behind it so it’s perhaps worth trying to save.

How are your WiPs going?

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