Uh, yeah.

Progress on the revision was nominal at best. I had several nights of poor sleep which led to sleeping to the last possible moment so I wasn’t a zombie when it came to my day job. I’m still working on a read-through to get the bigger issue stuff. When I do something like this, I use the comments feature in my word processor after copying and pasting the entire story into a new file. The file with the comments gets renamed “Draft #” and the clean file gets the story name for a label. I’m aiming to have the read-through done this week so I can start in on revisions next week.

As for the first draft of the other book, progress was also pretty slow. I’m really rusty at this whole drafting thing after so many months off from writing. I’m looking to break at least the 20K mark this week (and will report in on that next week). I don’t know why but this time around trying to draft this book I’m not feeling so bad about the book. (I really hated it when I wrote the first 16K of the book a few months back so I put it in the dust drawer.)

How are your WiPs going?