I have to confess to being rather underwhelmed by the whole Clara reveal. While it was kind of cool to see her superimposed with other Doctors and such, influencing things in the Doctor’s life to both save him and set him on his grandest adventures, it was disappointing after so many awesome theories.

But, remember that scene in “Turn Left” when Rose is talking about how the Doctor thought Donna was amazing and all this stuff. Things Rose shouldn’t have had any knowledge of?

Was Clara whispering in Rose’s ear? Because if Clara created herself to save the Doctor from the Great Intelligence, doesn’t it make logical sense for Clara to have been partly responsible for breaking down the walls between the universes? I realize that the in-episode explanation for Rose’s bleeding through had to do with what the Daleks did in “The Stolen Earth.”

When Donna’s past was changed so she never met the Doctor, don’t you think that had to be the GI who set that up? We never really learned the who or why behind the woman who put that Time Beetle on Donna’s back. Perhaps now we have.

Two images to talk about:

 I realize that I’m not computer savvy and this is the best shot I could find of the beetle on Donna’s back in “Turn Left.”

That beetle is totally there. Was Clara seeding clues a la Bad Wolf to tell the Doctor She was there, that she was aware of him and his confusion over who she was?

Or are we grasping at straws?

I was also really disappointed in Trenzalore. I thought it would be this really cool chess board field where people are put on trial of a sort and asked the questions someone wants to know. Not a cemetery. I always imagined this giant spectacle, especially with so many planets across so many galaxies having the Doctor as some mystery figure in their mythology.

I did also always think that it would be the moment when he tells River his name, leading to the moment in the library from his last incarnation.

But I think the finale only scratched the surface in showing us how deep into the Doctor’s timeline Clara got embedded. And maybe it has something to do with the Doctor that’s not the Doctor but is the Doctor.