It’s no secret I have a TBR pile ready to topple over. Yet I continue to procrastinate the reading of said pile. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s not an underlying issue in my TBR pile. Because I’ve certainly been able to read books. (Not that I’ve been reading near as much as I should this year.)

I worry I’m starting to tire of YA. But maybe it’s just the love triangle thing that I’m tiring of. Because I’ve really come to appreciate when I read a book and there’s only one potential love interest. (I’m thinking here of Jessica Day George’s Dragon Slippers series and her Dancing Princess series. Those are the two that come most readily to mind.)

The more I think about it, the more likely I realize it’s the latter. I do get tired of the love triangles and how crappy the MCs will treat the members of said triangle as her emotions sway wildly back and forth. (This coming from a girl who crushed on 10 guys at once her sophomore year in high school.)

So I’ve been trying to branch out a bit when it comes to my reading. Though it’s increasingly hard to justify purchasing new books when I have so many waiting to be read.

And, yet, I do buy new books. This time I tried a different UF series and it was a success. I’ll probably do an Author’s Bookshelf post about it on Monday.