Another work week gone by. And this one was way more productive than the last couple had been.

I’m writing most of the words anew for this version of the book. But I’m finding that where I had a particular description of a setting or person, I can copy-paste it and change anything necessary to making the POV switch. With that added bonus, I added about 5500 words to the manuscript this last week. Maybe half of that was copy-pasted and the rest new. I’m really not certain on the ratio there.

I really do think this version is a lot smoother than the last. There are changes to the pacing of my MC’s gleaning of knowledge that I think make more sense than in the last versions of the book.

Overall, I’m glad I made the choice to rewrite the book, even if it does kill me that I made it so late in the process.

How are your WiPs going?