Oh, progress, you elusive beast.

Admittedly, I could and should have done better this week at writing. I forgot to keep track of my progress in word count and only accounted for one day of my writing. That one day I wrote a mere 536 words. I have no recollection of writing any other day of the week but last Monday. At least not on my rewrite of Woven.

I’m working on a short story and hoping to sub it to an anthology. While I traditionally avoid writing on Sundays, this short story smacked me over the head with a plot and it had to be written down before I lost it entirely. The story’s not finished but it should be finished this week. Then it’s on to revisions.

The story is set in the same world as Woven but it takes place roughly 180 years in the past from the start of Woven. Events that are referenced and have direct consequence on the events of Heirs of the Seven Realms are explored a tiny bit in this short story.

How are your WiPs going?